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For people who love cheese, imported cheeses can be a special treat. These cheeses mostly come from European countries and are said to represent the people and places of the region. Imported cheese has become so popular, some have even tried to make these brands here at home. Despite their efforts, very few have managed to capture the same flavor and spirit of the originals. English and Sapsago cheese are just two examples of imported cheeses.

English Cheese

This cheese is actually also known as cheddar cheese. It is a rich and thick cream cheese with a yellow coloring to it. It can also be white, but that”s not very common.

It has a milky flavor to it when it”s fresh and develops a more bitter taste as it ages. Fresh cheddar is soft and easy to shave or break into smaller pieces. As it ages, it”s best to grate it. It”s also one of the most popular kinds of cheese.

Holland Cheese

Holland cheese, also known as Edam, comes from the Netherlands. It”s a hard cheese that is red and has a mild taste to it.

This is one of the more unique types of cheese, because it is made into a ball. Instead of just cutting or breaking a layer to eat, you cut the top layer off and eat it from the inside by scooping it. After you”re finished eating, you would put the layer you cut off on top to act as a lid. Once in a while, the hollow shell left behind is filled with cooked macaroni or rice and baked.

Neufchtel Cheese

Neufchtel, like some other kinds of cheese, is great for a salad or sandwich. It”s a soft cheese made from cow”s milk and comes from Neufchtel-en-bray, France. It is sold in small, foil-wrapped packages. Since it doesn”t keep well, it”s a good idea to use it all at once to avoid spoiling.

Other French Cheeses

The French are responsible for a lot of the imported cheese we eat. Besides Neufchtel, they also gave us

Gruyre and Camembert:

  • Gruyre is fairly popular and is made from skim milk. It has a mild, sweet flavor and has many holes in it.
  • Camembert, meanwhile, is a soft cheese with a thick, dry rind. Its inside is so soft, it”s almost a liquid.

Brie, another French cheese, is probably one of the better known varieties. It is a soft cheese with a strong flavor and scent. It”s made from either whole or partly skimmed cow”s milk that has been coagulated by Rennet. It is usually served with other foods instead of standing on its own.

Italian Cheeses

One of the most famous imported cheeses is Parmesan. Parmesan is usually used to flavor other foods, such as soups or macaroni dishes. It is hard, granular and will stay good for many years if it”s made and stored properly. Parmesan is usually grated and bottled for sale, although you can also buy it by the pound and grate it yourself.

Another Italian cheese is called Gorgonzola. This one is made from whole cow”s milk and is coagulated with Rennet. Later, mold is used to give the center of the cheese a unique look. It”s usually served after a meal with crackers.

Swiss Cheeses

Swiss, also known as Switzer, cheese is one of the most famous kinds of cheese. Its name can change based of what area of Switzerland it comes from. It is yellow in color and is a staple of many sandwiches. This cheese has a mild and sweet flavor to it and is covered in holes.

Another cheese that comes from the Swiss is called Sapsago. It is a hard cheese that is made from skim milk. An herb called melilot is added to the cheese to give it a unique flavor and green coloring. Like Parmesan, this cheese is good for grating.

Belgian Cheese

Finally, we have Limburg cheese. Also known as limburger, this imported cheese comes from Belgium. This is a soft cheese made from whole cow”s milk and is manufactured in many other areas today. Putrefactive germs added during production help to give it a strong taste and smell.


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