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A food processor is a type of kitchen appliance that performs some of the more repetitive cooking tasks (such as chopping and mincing) to help people more quickly prepare food. Relatively new to the kitchen appliance market, the food processor didnt make it into US homes until 1972, though catering companies were using food processors in the 1960s.

Food processors come with a number of different attachments and accessories that can be swapped out for different tasks. Some of the common tasks that can be made easy by a food processor include:

  • chopping
  • dicing
  • grinding
  • kneading
  • mixing
  • pureeing
  • shredding
  • slicing.

While some people have trouble determining the differences between a blender and a food processor, the main difference is that a blenders blades are not removable. A blenders shape is also typically taller and more slender than that of a food processor. Food processors are wider and generally have a bowl shape, making them more available to handle larger pieces of food.

Types of Food Processors

Like most types of kitchen appliances, food processors come in many different types and brands. Here are some of the most common types of food processors on the market today:

  • Blender food processors combine the features of a blender and a food processor.
  • Commercial food processors are larger than normal food processors that can handle larger cooking jobs.
  • Manual food processors require that the person cooking or preparing food turns a handle to make the appliance function, rather than just pushing a button.
  • Mini food processors, as the name suggests, are smaller than regular food processors and are more portable.

Each type of food processor is designed to meet different needs in the kitchen.

Popular Food Processors

Some of the more popular and well known food processors include:

  • Cuisinart food processor and mini food processor
  • KitchenAid food processor.

Food Processor Accessories

Because food processors have so many different functions, they generally come with a number of accessories. Some common food processor accessories include:

  • cheese grater
  • dough blade
  • egg whip
  • French fry disc
  • juicer (citrus and non-citrus)
  • julienne disc
  • sabatier blade or S-shaped blade (for dicing and slicing food).

Some food processors also come with multiple bowls to enable use of more than one attachment at a time. If your food processor does not come with all of the attachments youd like, you can most likely purchase extra accessories separately.

Another handy feature of many food processors is a container to keep all of the accessories organized. If your accessories are kept separately, it can be difficult to find them quickly when you need them.

Food Processor Costs

Like most kitchen appliances, the cost of a food processor will vary depending on the size of the appliance, brand name, included accessories and available functions. For example, while mini food processors can start under $20, high-quality food processors and commercial food processors can cost upwards of several hundred dollars.


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