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Smokers and Pits

Barbeque smokers and barbeque pits are among the most popular barbeque cookers. Though less often used than traditional gas grills or charcoal grills, smokers and pits can offer features that these grill types don ”t have.

Benefits of Smoking Food

Smoking food can give it a flavor that cannot be gained through other cooking methods. Smoking can be done over charcoal or over wood. Different types of wood can provide distinct and unique flavors to foods.

Both smokers and pits come in a number of different types. Many people even choose to make their own barbeque pits. However, this option is generally only recommended for those who want a charcoal barbeque pit. Gas barbeque pits should be bought from a store, or alternatively, gas grill inserts for outdoor use can be added to your own design.

Commercial smokers can be simple or complex, as can smokers and pits that you create in your own backyard. Depending on the features you ”d like in your barbeque pit or smoker, price can vary among store-bought varieties.

If multiple burning surfaces, convection heating, work surfaces and other special features are important to your grilling needs, then store-bought, commercial smokers and pits are the way to go.

Smokers and pits can fit the budgets of most people, but high-quality smokers with extra features can sometimes cost upwards of $400. Smaller smokers and pits will save you some money, but make sure you get a cooking area large enough for your needs.

Creating Your Own Barbeque Smoker or Pit

Building a barbeque smoker or pit in your backyard is not as simple as creating a structure out of concrete two-by-fours, but it can be relatively easy project.

First of all, make sure that you choose your pit ”s location wisely. Homemade barbeque smokers are not portable, so a location should be carefully chosen. Make sure the area you choose is well-ventilated and not near anything that could catch fire.

The basic structure of your grill can be made from bricks or concrete. If you ”d like more detailed directions for creating a structure, there are a number of books on simple masonry that can assist you.

In addition to the basic structure of the barbeque pit, you ”ll need a cooking grate to put over the top. These can generally be found at hardware stores or any number of Web sites in a number of different sizes and shapes.

If you ”re planning to use a gas grill insert for your smoker, purchase this ahead of time from a hardware store or grill store. Most grill inserts and grill kits will contain pointers that will help you construct your barbeque pit. Structures for these plans are usually relatively simple, but you ”ll need to plan in advance for the placement of the grill insert.

Other tips that can help you build a great barbeque smoker or barbeque pit include:

  • Construct your barbeque pit so that it will not be susceptible to the elements. You want a structure that will last. A cover or some sort of outdoor protection may be necessary for your barbeque pit.
  • Design your barbeque well for ease of use. Nearby workspace and table space can make smoking foods and using your barbeque pit far more enjoyable.
  • Make sure that the materials you use to construct your pit or smoker do not clash with your house. The goal is to make your barbeque pit look like it fits in with your home and yard.
  • Make sure that your barbeque pit can be easily repaired. Make all parts accessible to ensure that you don ”t have to disassemble the entire structure if you need to replace a part of it.


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 Posted on : September 18, 2013