Cooking Recipes


While some people might not consider cooking an art, if you”ve ever hosted a dinner party, you know that cooking requires a lot of skill. From coming up with a menu to selecting the best ingredients to chopping, measuring, simmering, stirring and tasting, cooking truly is a creative process.

While some attend top culinary schools to master the art of cooking, others learn in their home kitchens through trial and error. However, no matter how you learn to cook, you”ll want to master some of the basics, such as properly using knives and reading recipes. These basics will provide a solid cooking foundation for you to build on.

Whether you”re a top chef or are just making your entrance into the world of cooking, this section has something for you. We”ll not only discuss food storage and healthy cooking but also offer recipes, tips and more!

Food Storage

These days, many people buy their food in bulk. While buying in bulk is often economical, it leaves us with the question of how to properly store food for extended periods of time.

Did you know that you can safely store such items as bread and cheese in your freezer? What”s more, if properly packaged, these items can last weeks or even months. Keep reading to get tips on food storage.

Food Presentation

When we think of food, we think of taste. However, truly good food stimulates more than the sense of taste. People eat with their eyes before they ever take a bite of a dish, so making food visually appealing is extremely important in cooking.

When presenting food to your guests, try to incorporate as many of the five senses as possible. Consider the color of the food, the smells of the ingredients and the textures of the dishes” different elements. Read on to get some more tips on food presentation.

Heart-Healthy Cooking

Today we want to eat great-tasting food that is also good for us. Thankfully, you don”t have to sacrifice flavor in favor of health. By simply making some smart choices at the grocery store and in the kitchen, both your taste buds and your heart can be happy.

Keep reading to get some tips on heart-healthy cooking and to get a couple of heart-healthy (and figure-friendly) recipes!

Throwing a Party

Throwing a successful party requires a little more effort than opening a bag of chips and putting dip into a bowl. To host a bash that people will remember, you”ll need to send out the invitations, plan the menu, set up a bar and maybe even come up with a theme.

For a fun night, consider hosting a movie dinner party, where the flick and the food complement one another. For instance, you could turn on Good Fellas and serve up plates of spaghetti and meatballs and glasses of Chianti. Or, you might want to host a low-key potluck, where each guest brings his favorite dish.

Read on to find out how you can throw a party that everyone will enjoy!

 Posted on : February 18, 2015