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Learning how to use nori will get you on your way to making authentic Japanese sushi.

How to Use Nori

Nori is a thin dried sheet of seaweed used in the creation of sushi and other Japanese dishes. Nori describes the form the seaweed takes and isn’t the name of a particular type of seaweed. It’s created by pressing seaweed, similar to the process of paper making.
The Japanese regard nori as a natural health food, and billions of sheets of the product are produced and consumed annually. Nori has been popular for many years in the Asian nation, and written records that date back over 1300 years also discussed the value of this food.

How to Use Nori: Rolling Sushi

By mastering the use of nori, you’re one step closer to perfecting the process of sushi rolling.
To start, place nori on a sushi-rolling mat, with the shiny side down. Place about half a cup of rice on the seaweed. Spread it until you leave about an inch of space free on the long ends of the nori, and about half an inch uncovered on both short sides.
Wet your hands to keep the rice from sticking to you. Once the other ingredients like seafood and vegetables are placed along one long end, use the rolling mat to roll your sushi, being careful not to roll the mat into your creation. Once it’s rolled, cut slices about one and a half inches thick. A sharp knife–preferably a traditional sashimi-style model–will cut through the nori smoothly.

Other Foods with Nori Seaweed

For years, nori seaweed was underutilized in the culinary community, while seen mostly in sushi.
Nori can now be found in foods such as:
• Chips: Nori is toasted by cooking it in the oven, and the seaweed is a delicious, healthy alternative to potato chips. Common in Japan and Korea, this snack is gaining in popularity in the U.S.
• Seaweed salad: This dish is a cool, refreshing snack or side with a slightly tangy flavor.
• Wraps: Similar to the form of makizushi (rolled sushi with nori), seaweed is also popping up as a wrap for American sandwiches. Seaweed wraps are especially helpful for people allergic to gluten.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013