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The American Automobile Association, or AAA, conducts annual AAA restaurant reviews across North and Central America. Establishments that apply for, and are granted, AAA restaurant reviews, are graded based on cleanliness, hospitality and other criteria. Restaurants and lodging facilities that meet minimum standards are awarded a single AAA diamond using a one-to-five AAA Diamond Rating® system. Restaurants that receive an AAA 5-diamond review offer only the very highest caliber of quality and service.

AAA Tourbook®

The results of these reviews are printed in the annual edition of the AAA TourBook® and are also available online. AAA restaurant reviews are considered highly credible, since the guides are independently funded and carefully researched. AAA Diamond Ratings® cover restaurants across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean and have been a trusted traveler’s resource for decades.

AAA Restaurant Reviews

AAA restaurant reviews cover all aspects of food quality, service and ambiance. Restaurants only receive an AAA diamond if they uphold a basic set of rigorous standards–meaning even a single diamond is a mark of reliability, cleanliness and value.

The AAA Diamond rating® system is as follows:

  • A single AAA diamond restaurant must be well managed, clean and offer familiar food at a reasonable price. Menu selections for single AAA diamond establishments may include simple fare, like hamburgers and fried chicken. Service may be minimal. Decor and ambiance are simple but welcoming.
  • A two AAA diamond restaurant typically offers a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, a wide menu selection, garnished presentation and more thorough table service.
  • A three AAA diamond rating is granted to entry-level fine dining establishments that employ a professional chef. Menus usually include beverage listings and entrees that reflect culinary trends. Culinary staff must demonstrate a mastery of traditional dishes. At this level and above, the decor is carefully designed.
  • A four AAA diamond restaurant offers an established fine dining experience. This includes first-class ambiance, flawless service and cuisine that is complex and creative.

The AAA 5-Diamond Rating®

According to AAA restaurant reviews, 5-diamond restaurants are nothing less than world class. AAA 5-diamond ratings are awarded for cutting-edge haute cuisine made from the highest quality ingredients and prepared with an exceptional level of culinary artistry. As a result, 5-diamond restaurants offer an extraordinary level of service that exceeds guest expectations in every way.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013