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First published in 1981, the Gayot® restaurant guide rates restaurants on a 20-point scale. According to the Gayot® restaurant grading system, 20 is the highest possible rating a restaurant can attain. Each year, the Gayot® restaurant guide produces a much-anticipated list of the top 40 Gayot® best restaurants in the United States.

Gayot® Reviews

The Gayot® restaurant guide has expanded over the past few decades to include spas, hotels, travel attractions and wines. Gayot® reviews for all of these venues can be found online. However, restaurants are still the guide’s primary focus, and Gayot® reviews are among the most respected in the culinary world.

The Gayot® Restaurant Grading System

The authority of the Gayot® restaurant grading system may be rooted in the fact that the 20-point scale takes into account only the quality of the food. Gayot® reviews don’t formally evaluate additional elements of the dining experience, like decor and service, and these are not considered in the calculation of a restaurant’s overall score. If these elements are noteworthy for any reason, they are mentioned in the written part of the review, but such elements will not raise or lower a restaurant a single point on the 20-point scale.

Gayot® Best Restaurants now provides information about more than 20,000 restaurants across the United States, and the site maintains review details and ratings for each one. The Gayot® website database is easily searchable and can help diners find restaurants for specific occasions like romantic dates or important celebrations.

Though Gayot® is not as long-established as other guides are, its restaurant grading system offers diners some advantages, including frequent review updates and free online accessibility. Gayot® reviewers are also considered highly knowledgeable across all subject areas related to nutrition, food trends and the culinary arts.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013