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The Mobil restaurant rating system is a five-star rating system based on an extensive list of criteria. Like many other well-known restaurant grading system models, the Mobil five-star system gives only positive reviews. If an inspector finds a restaurant unclean, unacceptable or impossible to recommend, the restaurant is simply removed from the list.

Mobil sends inspectors to each dining establishment to review the quality of the food, but also the service, decor, cleanliness and related factors like parking availability. Therefore, even one star represents a reputable dining establishment.

The Mobil Restaurant Rating System

The Mobil restaurant grading system is based on specific expectations. For example, two-star restaurants are usually awarded to family-style restaurants with specific themes or regional cuisines.

One-star restaurants generally offer over-the-counter service or self-service rather than table service. Therefore, one star is typically awarded to pizza shops, barbeque huts and crab shacks. Expectations of exquisite decor and attentive service are lower for restaurants in this category, but a simple crab shack with one Mobil star can be considered a truly excellent restaurant when compared with others of its kind.

To earn four stars, a restaurant must offer complex and inventive cuisine served by a talented culinary staff. Some of the best-known steakhouses and hotels in the country fall into this category.

The Mobil Five Star Rating

Restaurants that potentially qualify for four and five star ratings are those that presume to satisfy the highest and most discerning expectations. High ratings are awarded with great care: after the initial inspector visit, restaurants that may qualify for a Mobil five-star or four-star rating are given a second review by another incognito inspector. This inspector rates the service she receives based on more than 150 criteria.

To earn a Mobil five-star rating, a restaurant must be considered truly world-class. This is one of the highest honors a restaurant can receive. Visitors who spend an evening at a Mobil five-star restaurant can expect extraordinary cuisine, impeccable attention to detail and flawless service throughout the entire experience.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013