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The Thai House Restaurant, since joining the dining scene in Vancouver in 1986, has become one of the most revered establishments in the city. The top-notch Thai cuisine is served with high-quality service.

What Makes The Thai House Restaurant of the Top Restaurants in Vancouver?
While still eating in Vancouver, the Thai House is a culinary escape to the exotic land of Thailand. The restaurant offers a blend of market fresh ingredients and imported authentic aspects, creating enticing fragrances throughout each location.

The decor of the Thai House is nothing out of the ordinary, while the affordable and delicious menu attracts foodies of all types.

What Kind of Food Can I Expect?
Some of the best Thai food in Vancouver can be found at the Thai House.

At lunch, guests have the choice of many tasty dishes, such as pad Thai with shrimp or vegetarian, chili pepper fried rice with egg and the goong curry with tiger prawns.

The lunch menu also includes goong pad bai grapau with praws, Thai chili, onions and mushrooms, or pla muk pad bai grapau with squids, chili, fresh basil and bell peppers.

At dinner, appetizers include deep-fried calamari with Thai spices, crispy wonton stuffed with chicken and shrimp, and chicken satay.

A number of duck, chicken and beef entrees are available, including duck roasted in red curry paste and coconut milk, boneless chicken with South East Asian curry and fresh pineapples, and a beef curry with ground peanuts.

Popular seafood fishes include stir-fried tiger prawns and spicy and sour soup with crab, lemon grass and Thai spices.

Takeout is available from Thai House.

What is the Price Range?
At weekday lunches, The Thai House offers a fixed price menu for $9.95. At the North Vancouver location, the lunch specials cost $7.95. Dinner dishes cost around $15, but many options are slightly cheaper.

Where Do I Find The Thai House Restaurant?
The Thai House has four locations in Greater Vancouver. Restaurants can be found at 1116 Robson St. in Downtown, at 1766 W. 7th Ave. in Kitsilano, at 116 W. Esplanade in North Vancouver, and at 129-4940 No. 3 Road in Richmond.

Where Can I Go For Something Completely Different?
If you’d like to try another cuisine after Thai food, look to The Glowbal Collection of restaurants in Vancouver. The group offers two Italian restaurants, an Arabic inspired establishment, an upscale seafood restaurant and more.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013