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If you’ve ever vacationed in the Caribbean or Mexico you’ve probably found yourself sitting in a restaurant, hotel or taxi cab wondering if you should leave a tip. Tipping in Mexico and Caribbean countries is greatly appreciated by service workers, who depend on the money earned from tips as an important part of their income.

Who to Tip in Mexico and the Caribbean

Tipping in Mexico and the Caribbean typically follows the same basic rules as in northern North America. If it hasn’t already been included in the bill, plan on tipping 10 to 15 percent extra for servers, bartenders and spa services. For hotel tipping, leave $2 to $5 per day for housekeepers. Tip bellhops $1 per bag and your concierge $2 to $5 for services rendered. Tipping in Mexico and the Caribbean also extends to other service personnel, such as hairdressers and taxi drivers.

Tipping Tour Guides

If you plan to take a guided tour, a good holiday tipping guide will tell you that it’s customary to tip your guide if you feel that he has done a good job. Tour guide tipping in Mexico and the Caribbean should be in the range of $1 to $5 per excursion.

All-Inclusive Resort and Hotel Tipping

Officially, at least, most all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean have a rule against tipping. In many cases, a portion of your bill goes towards gratuities, which are supposed to be divided among the service workers. Nevertheless, tipping cocktail servers around the pool, bartenders and bellhops directly is common. Guests who tip this way often find that they get the best service.

Pick Up a Holiday Tipping Guide

Before your next vacation, pick up a holiday tipping guide specific to the country you’ll be visiting, so you’ll know exactly who to tip and how much. Note, too, that in most places, tips should be given in cash. Gratuities added to your credit card bill often go to the management, not to service workers.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013