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Maybe you’re not a math whiz, or you just aren’t sure how to tip after a nice dinner out with friends. Either way, it’s likely that you already have the solution and don’t even know it. If you have an iPhone, a tip calculator app is available. A tip calculator for BlackBerry® users also exists. In fact, a free tip calculator is a standard on most cellular phones and, if not, several are available on the Internet.

How to Tip Using a Blackberry® or iPhone Tip Calculator

The nice thing about having access to an iPhone tip calculator or a tip calculator for BlackBerry® is that they do more than just calculate tip percentages.

“Tipsy,” the iPhone tip calculator, can split up the bill when you’re dining with a large party. It can also round amounts up to the nearest dollar, remember your preferences for tip percentages and store information for local and state sales taxes.

The tip calculator for BlackBerry® not only calculates tips to set percentages, but it can also divide up your bill, store sales tax percentages and provide helpful guidelines on how to tip for certain services by offering suggested tip amounts.

Free Tip Calculators

If a tip calculator app isn’t available for your phone or device, you can access one on your phone via the Internet. Several free tip calculators are available online. Go for one located on a reputable site. People that prefer to take a low-tech approach to figuring out how to tip can download a printable, free tip calculator.

Tip Calculators for Travelers

Tipping guidelines can vary widely from country to country. Frequent travelers may want to consider a tipping app especially designed for them. The iPhone International Tip Calculator app gives users access to tipping information for servers, porters, taxi drivers and housekeeping staff in over 100 countries.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013