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The world is filled with diverse people and unique cultures. Thankfully, many of these cultures have their own styles of cooking. There”s Thai food with its liberal use of lemongrass and kaffir lime, Indian food and its famous curries and Greek food with its generous use of olive oil. And that”s just to name a few.

So many different styles of food exist in different corners of the world. What makes things even more varied is that regional differences exist within each of these styles of cooking. Chinese food is very different in different parts of China and is even more different when it”s made in the United States. The same can be said about any other style of food, be it Greek, Italian, Indian or Mexican. There are easily hundreds, if not thousands, of styles of food.

In this section, we”ll discuss international cuisine. Keep reading to learn how you can take your taste buds on a culinary tour of the world without ever leaving your house!

Thai Food

When people think of Thai food, they might imagine dishes centered on rice, noodles and fish. However, those are just a few of the ingredients you”ll find in traditional Thai recipes. From ginger to coconut to basil to chili peppers, Thai food has something to excite every palate.

Keep reading to learn more about Thai food!

Mexican Cooking

Many people have feasted on tacos, enchiladas and tamales. However, there”s more to Mexican cooking than what you”re likely to find at your local Mexican restaurant. For instance, many of the coastal areas of Mexico incorporate seafood into their dishes. In the south and east, you”re likely to sample spicy chicken dishes.

Read on to learn more about Mexican cooking and to try a few Mexican recipes.

Italian Cooking

Italy is well-known for its tasty dishes. From spaghetti and meatballs to ossobuco to calzones and insalata Caprese, Italian cooking will please even the most discriminating of palates.

Italian food features a wide variety of ingredients. In this corner of the culinary world, you”ll encounter a number of cheeses, including Parmesan, Ricotta and Gorgonzola. You”ll also find interesting meats, such as Pancetta, Prosciutto and Salami. Often, Italian meals will begin with antipasto, a platter filled with these different varieties of Italian meats, cheeses and vegetables.

If all you know of Italian cuisine is pizza, you”re in for a delicious surprise. Read on to learn all about Italian cooking.


In recent years, fondue has made a major comeback at both dinner parties and restaurants. While fondue traditionally involves dipping chunks of bread into melted cheese, there are other types of fondue, including the popular chocolate fondue. You can even fill a fondue pot with hot oil, in which people can dip pieces of meat, fish or poultry.

Fondue is a fun way to bring a group of people together. Plus, fondue parties can be relatively inexpensive. Keep reading to learn about the history of fondue as well as to get some delicious fondue recipes to try at home.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013