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Germany, like many European nations, is widely known for its cuisine among culinary enthusiasts throughout the world. If you look into the food of Germany, you’ll be able to find a number of common staples of German cuisine, along with dishes that have more specific purposes and applications.

Meat in German Cuisine: Sausage and More
Meat is one of the primary elements of Germany’s cuisine, and has been for much of the country’s history. Pork is arguably the most commonly used meat in German cuisine. Roasted meat, called “braten,” fried boneless pieces of meat called schnitzel and sausages are some of the more common meat dishes in Germany.

Sausage, in particular, is a major German food. More than 1,000 different and distinct varieties of sausage can be found throughout the country, and include common German cuisine ingredients like sauerkraut and spices such as coriander, paprika, nutmeg and ginger.

The three primary types of sausage commonly produced and consumed in Germany are as follows:

• Bruhwurst (scalded sausage): Hot water or steam is used to scald this sausage, a unique cooking method that gives the Bruhwurst its name. Perhaps the best known sausage of this variety is the frankfurter, the basis for standard hot dogs.

• Kochwurst (cooked sausage): Originally eaten only at special occasions, Kochwurst sausages are usually boiled. Blood and liver sausages are considered Kochwurst.

• Rohwurst (fresh sausage): Perhaps the most popular sausage, Rohwurst is made from the leanest beef or pork, combined with bacon, salt and various spices.

Potatoes in German Cuisine
Potatoes are a major staple of the German diet. A common side dish in most German meals, potatoes are prepared and cooked according to various methods.

Potatoes are often fried in German cooking, either in batter made from flour, eggs, butter and spices to make potato pancakes, or on their own, cut into thin slices. Other German fried potato dishes include Kroketten, mashed potatoes battered in eggs and breadcrumbs, and Schupfnudeln, another mashed potato dish. Schupfnudeln potatoes are formed into noodle-like shapes, battered in flour, egg and spices, then briefly cooked in salt water and fried.

Beer in German Cuisine
Beer is often considered the staple beverage of German cuisine. More than 1,200 individual breweries exist in Germany, many producing multiple varieties. As a result, German beer brewing is one of the country’s primary culinary industries. Many German beer varieties, such as pilsener, kolsch and weissbier (wheat beer) serve as the foundation of commercially popular beers from all over the world.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013