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The overall cuisine of Germany contains a number of staple foods that are eaten throughout the country. It also features certain unique and predominant culinary regional specialties. The cuisine of the Bavarian region is particularly notable, featuring a number of dishes well-regarded in the world of gourmet international food.

An Overview of Bavarian Cuisine

As is consistent in German cuisine, dishes common in the region of Bavaria are largely centered around meat, particularly beef, pork and veal. Other common foods in Bavaria include various wheat-based noodle and dumpling dishes, bread and sausages.
Bavaria’s cuisine can actually be divided into three distinct categories. The first relates to specifically Bavarian foods, and the second and third come from regions partially located within Bavaria’s borders, but whose cuisines vary from Bavarian traditions.
Franconia, located in the northern quarter of Bavaria, features the highest concentration of breweries in all of Germany–a considerable achievement, considering the beverage’s ubiquitous nature in the country. Specialty foods in Franconia include Nurnburger bratwurst sausage and gingerbread. Swabia, a small southwestern area of Bavaria, is well-known for its soups and its use of distinct sauces in almost all meals.

Unique Specialties of Bavaria’s Cuisine

Certain foods bear an immense importance in Bavaria. The most prominent of all of these is Weisswurst, a boiled veal and pork sausage known for its unusual white color.
Weisswurst is such a key component of Bavarian cuisine that unofficial, but seriously regarded, rules for consumption are followed. The sausage cannot be eaten with a fork, is cut in half, and is eaten by hand, dipped in a sweet Bavarian mustard. The only side dishes suitable for Weisswurst are rolls and pretzels, the latter of which also originated in Bavaria.

Dining in Munich: Cuisine in the Capital of Bavaria

The capital of Bavaria, Munich is one of Germany’s major cities. As a major tourism destination in the country, it is one of the best locations for visitors of Germany to experience the best of Bavaria’s cuisine.
Specialties include Leberknodel soup, featuring bread dumplings, liver and onions, and various desserts of Germany such as apple and cream cheese strudel. The city is also famous all over the world for its Oktoberfest festival.

 Posted on : September 18, 2013